Some thoughts from Chris

Aside from just a slower league, could you tell me what to look forward to? Anything new and great aside from just a new league mechanic?

I can’t really find one from the stream/manifesto/patch notes. I’m happy the stacks are finally being addressed, but there’s nothing for me to be hyped about. I’ll play Friday, try out the new league, but all the “chase uniques” were killed. Awakened gems aren’t interesting anymore. Harby belt hit hard. Just doesn’t feel good overall.

Your comments on auras are interesting though. Everything else was hit, almost all skills, but somehow all the auras left unchanged. Seems kind of odd to be just an oversight. I don’t subscribe to the idea of an internal employee playing it so it won’t get nerfed, but it really is odd that there were no changes for something soooo powerful. my group will make one this league because of all the other nerfs, wish we didn’t have to.

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