Is this something a councilwoman could even do?

Well i dont think theyre all saints.. i mean definitely not. But they aaare people. So many people around here just act like a cop is JUST a cop and nothing more, and they give them so much hate. In no way do i think theyre all great people, but if someone has respect for police, i dont think that’s a bad thing. Also the way the country’s become more divided as of late, i think people who are like me and realize we still need cops, are more likely to gravitate more towards the “bootlicker” side of things. I dont really have the words how to better explain what i mean. Also, the reason i said the thing about calling the police is because for the ones who are always talking shit about them, it really does seem like they choose to ignore the fact that police DO help in some situations—and yea it’s definitely not ALL the time. In all honesty my guess is that they do more good than harm, and im open to any statistics one might have on that.

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