I struggle to feel proud of my country, especially where it is currently headed (Repost from r/Australia since automod prohibited it).

I am guessing you're young and inexperienced.

The welfare below the poverty line is a serious issue.

Nutritious food is definitely essential and should be provided if you can't get it (as well as period products).

The providing jobs for those who seek them is a lot more complicated than just providing people jobs and you show that you understand that by mentioning 'dignified work'. There are plenty of jobs available, it's just a matter of whether you want to do those jobs or not. (There's plenty of people from other countries moving here because of the job market). But how can society function if everybody automatically got handed the job they want?

Australia is one of the only countries where you can be paid to do vocational training and then go on to earn more than most university graduates (if you consider trades dignified enough for you).

The Greens don't get support because their actions are divisive, they lack clear leadership and they don't provide feasible roadmaps to achieve their goals (if you look at the Greens of a decade ago, who were more of a 3rd major party than now, you'll see that they also had more achievable goals).

Go to other countries (even other western countries) and you'll see just how unique Australia is in terms of the equal access to opportunity. Stop thinking that the level fairness that is expected in our society is common in other countries, because it isn't.

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