This sub is just sad.

Thank you for doing research and being the most friendly person in this comment section thus far. I really do appreciate that.

No problem! :)

Firstly I wanted to clear up the misconception that I said autistic people need to find themselves. I did not say that explicitly I don’t think, however If I did, feel free to correct me!Neo-pronouns in the context of Autistic people is the exact opposite of need to find yourself. It’s about knowing who you are and how you feel and finding the best way to express that. As it is common in many Autistic people to have alexithymia, which is the problem with identifying feelings and emotions.

Yeah, I misinterpreted it honestly. Apologies. I do understand that a lot of autistic people have alexithymia and neopronouns can help us find ourselves, that gives me a bit more understanding to as why people use those pronouns and why they fit outside of they/them, she/her and he/him.

My general opinion outside of all the technical things is just to be kind and respectful towards people, which includes reffering to them as they’d like. Which is why I will continue to support those who use noun-pronouns like cats/catself, regardless. As it does not hurt me or those around me to do so.

I totally agree. I mean, I haven’t talked to or even interacted at all with a neo-pronoun user before, or at least not to my knowledge, but I can envision myself doing the same.

I did find a couple of examples talking about ancient greeks use of gender neutral pronouns, but most of them equivocate to the it, which many could argue isn’t really a neo-pronouns which I respect.

Personally, to me, ‘it’ always has seemed quite aggressive lol. I’m not trying to be offensive but whenever I’ve heard someone or when I’ve used ‘it’ as a pronoun, it has been towards an animal or creature of some sorts and not a human. I think that’s one of the main reasons as to why I’m confused haha.

I don’t know if I missed anything else in your comment that I would dispute for now. Thank you again for being way chiller than most people!

You’re really welcome and thanks to you too, for the same, have a good day! ( ꈍᴗꈍ)

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