Students Sue Missouri School District For Recent Book Bans

Are you really that naive to think that most schools offer these electives to their students? And you said it yourself, you're learning BASIC stuff.

Do you think playing flag football in PE and sewing a purse in home economics is useful for the real world? The only food I learned to make in home ec was an omelette. My kid can't just live on omelettes. Did your school teach you how to file your taxes? How to get good credit? Do home repairs? Maintain your possessions? Pay bills? Make investments? Take out loans? Change a tire? Nah. School only teaches basics. Basic social skills, basic writing and math, etc. School prepares you for college-which even that is debatable. Most of what students learn in school doesn't even apply in the real world.

When kids graduate high school they are not ready to nosedive into a career. Most work part time and continue schooling to pursue their interests. There is no core subject offered in any high school that teaches you how to function in society. It takes much more work to truly become independent and make it in the real world. Looking at your post history, I would say you are not ready for the real world, but good luck.

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