Survey for those with hyperspermia, what is it like?

  1. Any particularly interesting stories of a hyperspermia ejaculation / experience you would be willing to share?
  • First blowjob in college… she’s not experienced, I’m not experienced… she surprised me. I was laying on my bunk in boxer shorts, hard as rock, lightly napping, and she went down for a nibble. It felt so good, I was bolt upright in about 10 seconds, knowing it was coming, but not wanting to end what could only be a dream, and I hit the crescendo about 10 seconds later. After gagging on the first rope, I sent the rest all over my roommate’s side of the room… dresser and desk mostly… had to throw out a desk calendar. Kristen was busy barfing out everything (semen, lunch, birth control) into the little metal trash can. The eroticism ended quickly.
  • Was dating a little DC socialite who was trying to be a model about 10 years before Instagram made that a thing. She had a webcam and the whole thing wasn’t turning me on, but she was ready for me to fuck her to her fans. I did her hard from every angle, and she was tighter than turn 7 at Watkins Glen… I just couldn’t get there. Finally she sat me in the computer and used some oral skills… this took about two minutes, and I did the courtesy of warning her and she took the last few strokes by hand. I fired a dozen or so ropes straight up and over my shoulder (caught one on the chin). She was spent from cumming at least twice and trying to regain her composure when, “WHAT THE FUCK!!! You got it all over my clean laundry… FUCK!!! (long pause as I try to avoid camera contact) Goddamnit… now my mom is going to have to come back tomorrow and rewash all this!”
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