Sushant Singh Rajput suicides.

I always thought, looking at this guy's confidence, way of talking; that something is holding him down. He used to look down continuously, random type of expressions of panic, anxious could be easily noticed in him. I always suspected that he was depressed. I am not achamma that he suicide, he had some mental problems and could not handle.

And, scary thing is that I am somehow like that, that is why I can relate with this. But, I don't want to suicide. I believe in Hinduism, that if you suicide, you have to be born again. Then, there will be pain in the ass.

Suicide is like restarting computer without saving a file. I know you have pains. But, fuck yeah, everybody is going to die without money, cars, girlfriends. Heaven has equality. Believe that. This earth is punishment, so bear that.

Live your full life. Depression is good, death is bad; especially un-natural.

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