Tell me about your squad!

So I decided my squad comes from a religious community that the Rangers helped out and in return offered some of warriors as recruits. This religious community believes that twins are blessed gifts from their gods and separates out any twins who a born in the community to become elite warrior-monks. That's what my squad is and is why every member of my team has the Ascetic quirk. So anyway, onto the team. I rolled their stats towards roll play rather than min-maxing. My first team was min-maxed and it was too easy.

Symbalt the Spire is the leader of the team, and the tallest. Leading from the front lines with an enormous heavy weapon, it's hard not to feel inspired by his bravery as he confidently rushes right into the middle of things((6 str, 8 spd, 8 cha)). Leading by example Symbalt is as reliable off the field as he is on and is an expert at reading his team. Capable of being tough and no nonsense when the moment calls for it, but also kind and understanding when needed too. Symbalt truly cares about those under his command, and as an expert medic they know he has their back when things get hairy.

Next is his twin, Sabina the Sieve. The smartest member of the team((10 int)). So named for her ability to sift through unwanted dross and get right to he heart of things, be it people or tech((Smartass, surgeon, computer science, mech repair)). Although she has a strong confident personality, her sharp tongue and high expectations can make her hard to be around at times((2 cha)). Roughly average in all other areas and a bit stronger than she looks((4 str)) her weapon of choice is a shotgun, though she dabbles in energy weapons out of fascination.

Ladislav the Lathe is a mountain of a man. Immensely athletic((10 spd, 10 str)) and equipped with all manner of blades, if he's barreling towards you better either have a lot of fire power or handgun for yourself. Either way, you don't him reaching you alive. Outside of combat Ladislav is a quiet and humble man who enjoys tinkering alone on his teams guns and explosives. But don't mistake his silence and strength for stupidity, a man of few words is not a man of few thoughts((4 int, 1 cha)).

Finally, Ladislavs twin and mirror opposite, Lika the Lens. The shortest and weakest member of the team, she's not the athlete her brother his((2 str, 2 spd)). Instead Lika watches his back from afar with a steady hand through the lens of her sniper rifle as she surveys the field((6 crd, 10 awr)). Though not as confident and inspiring and Symbalt, she is the most affable member of the team and a pleasure to be around((4 cha, kissass)). People aren't the only ones who open up to here though, locks and safes are just as easy to sweet-talk if you know what you're doing, and she does.

All 4 have Indigenous ticked for their religion. Symbalt and Sabina are of East Africa decent. Ladislav and Lika are of Eastern European decent. They're all culturally the same, growing up in the same community.

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