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1.- Baylor is Baptist but most of the students are not actually religious, Chapel can be annoying but also has a fair amount that are tolerable. It’s fair to assume that most of the students come from a religious background but are not active Christians. You can also find extremely religious students too. 2.- there is no dress code aside from the SLC where you can’t wear sleeveless shirts but that’s more for hygiene. 3.- Technically is against the code but unless you’re literally caught in the act (I’ve never met anyone actually getting caught by a CL or Residence Hall Director) then you’re fine as long as your roommate is okay with that. It’s actually surprising to see how many Baylor students are on Tinder too, a lot of them are. 4.- Greek life and sororities in special are a good thing imo, most of them are real nice people who benefit from a sense of belonging to an organization and a sisterhood with connections. Although there are some exceptions, my gf is in a sorority and she has felt disconnected with them the past year and is about to drop it, she said some of them (very few but still) are fake nice and are snakes in real life. It’s also costly and takes time out of schedule to be in, just make sure this is something you want. 5.- I’m not a science major but my roommates are, they are incredibly smart people (one of them graduated third out of two thousand students coming out of high school) and they say it’s really challenging but manageable, but if you get it together and apply yourself you’ll get into Med School with ease. 6.- I would say Baylor is more diverse than it’s given credit for and is accepting for the most part. I would say it’s about 55% conservative and 45% liberal, but the liberals are way more vocal. For the most part I haven’t encountered any sort of political/racial tension other than the election night, and I’m an international student so I’m actually surprised how accepting they were.

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