PLEASE NOTE: ALL Pokemon are either HACKED, CLONED, or EDITED in some way through Powersaves. Read everything here or leave! There is a lot to say before you request!


Hello /r/CasualPokemonTrades. In lite of Christmas and New Year Spirit, starting on 12/19, I will be distributing Legendary/Event Pokemon. You can place requests now if you like.


Pokemon games I have What I can obtain in them What I can edit for most Pokemon
Y Specific Special Events and literally anything else (001-721) All Properties
Omega Ruby Some Special Events and literally anything else (001-721) All Properties


Here is a list of Properties I can edit for any given Pokemon:
Item Held
EV/IV values*
Country of Origin
Pokeball caught in
The current form


One Pokemon per 3DS/Person/Reddit User (For now)
Do not haggle me for Pokemon. Be Patient. Do not haggle others for their Pokemon.
Enter my Friend Code before I get to you: FC (0173-1446-3646) (Special Event Pokemon ONLY)


How to Request for a GTS-friendly Pokemon:
1. Give me every detail about the Pokemon you want
2. Submit a Pokemon to the GTS and tell me: The Pokemon, level, and gender. (Even nickname it like ERA5000, my reddit name, so I know its for me.)
3. When you receive the Pokemon, confirm it and please upvote (upvoting not required but nice)


Final Notes: I do not know how many people plan to take advantage of this so at most, I will try to do about 10-15 a day depending on the amount of requests. My timezone is EST if any comparison is needed. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

*If a lot of requests come in, EV/IV value editing will cease because it can be extremely tedious for so many people to ask for different values. I will designate if/when this happens!

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