Teachers, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve had to take away from a student?

not teacher but the student. Around 7th grade some rumor spread that I was always carrying a knife. I loved studying weapons/fighting and obviously had some knifes and swords but never took them outside my home. I thought it was hilarious and played along until it got a bit out of hand. Shit even got me to the principal and I kid you not they documented every word I said. Fast forward 3 months when a teacher confronted me aboud carrying knifes. It was not a knife but that grapics card metal shield you take off when installing your grapics card. I don't know where I got if from but I know that I paniced and hid it im my backpack till I forgot it. Anyways, me obviously confused emptied my pockets and my backpack when that thing fell out. It make a metal sound and my teacher instantly reacted to it. She snatched it and was prepared to yell at me when she saw that it was only a random ass metal piece

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