My brother saw this at a bus stop in KL.

Alright, I'll bite.

Look, we could go on and on about this but being against rights for people when they do not even affect you is plain retarded.

Oh, I totally agree. So what's the problem with me being against LGBT rights? After all, legalisation of gay marriage would affect who can take away the right to make a non-responsive patient's medical decisions from a non-homosexual closest blood family member to the homosexual spouse and grant the homosexual spouse rights to inheritance of a deceased person that might have otherwise gone to a non-homosexual blood family member. An adopted child would have the spouse of his adopter count as a parent too, with all the potential mocking by their peers that tends to be aimed at kids with non-standard family units; surely you're not aiming to limit adoption for homosexuals couples to homosexual children only? Tax cuts and incentives usually accorded to married couples would be granted to the homosexual couple too; are you going to tell me that the funds and economic effects of those incentives will be magically limited to the homosexuals in society alone? And yes, let's not have a ban on homosexuals from giving blood, because they should have a special exemption from the rules preventing all high risk groups - which include among others all people who have stayed in the UK between 1970 and 1996, by the way - from giving blood; homosexual-donated blood will somehow only be given to homosexual patients, and thus not affect non-homosexual patients at all.

The idea that LGBT rights doesn't affect non-LGBT people is patent bullshit, intended to shut down debate and careful thought about how to actually implement ways of preventing discrimination against homosexuals without adversely affecting the rest of society by blaming anyone who doesn't support LGBT rights fully and completely as irrational.

it seems very unlikely that this is satire. This just looks like hate being spread by someone too coward to leave a name and a phone number on the flyer. Propaganda.

Since you argue that the poster is propaganda, hasn't it occured to you that some pro-LGBT rights activist stuck this up in order to promote awareness of the #homophobia hashtag? Perhaps he wants to incite fellow supporters into bombing the hashtag with critical posts as a way of collecting instances of support that he can later point to and say "Look! So many Malaysians support us!". Perhaps he's using it as a honeypot for LGBT rights opponents, again collecting their posts so that he can later use it to shame the posters with either their words or their association.

Or is it not propaganda if it's your side that does it?

Oh and before i go, i'll answer your question.

In other words, you're saying "You are a bigot and therefore your opinion is not worth considering", am I correct? Isn't that ironic, considering that you made such a big fuss about me not tolerating others who don't agree with my opinion?

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