These 2 news being side by side is even more outrageous

Count as a boomer due to birth date, did not "scoop" anything, could never have afforded a mortgage then or now. Dislike that label as much as I do using "millennial" as a shortcut for woke avocado coffee aficionados or GenZers as slackers addicted to gaming (actually, son is a millennial and is a gamer ...). Try to take people as you find them regardless or age, race, religion, gender, or nerdhood. As a tail end of the boomer group, I get the name but none of the apparent financial comfort. Labelling is a rocky road. I know privileged and spoilt people of all age groups, and nice people too.

Very old book I was given as a child (fairly horrific in retrospect as it talks about chimney sweep children as young as 5), The Water Babies. One of the characters was Mrs Doasyouwouldbedoneby. The "bad" version was Mrs Bedonebyasyoudid. Clearly, I would aspire to be confronted with the first - none of us are as good as we would like to think. Sorry, shutting up now and taking my soapbox off to reuse or recycle. Must be over-tired due to my age/gender/race/job/Aucklandness. Not mentioning Covid, just adds another layer of the opposite of Reasons To Be Cheerful. P.s. am sure I will regret posting this! Will duck for cover.

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