TIL lesbian romance/erotica author Radclyffe uses speech-recognition software to 'write' her books instead of typing them.

Well, I'm certainly not going to argue with you on that point. It's true! So reader be advised!

But, hey: you could certainly say the EXACT same thing about Stephen King for example, perhaps to a much greater degree!

Plus the incredible, awesome, and beauty of poetics contained within Anais' dairy in several passages here and there is pretty impressive/beautiful. But again, sure she has a dark side.

However, on another note:

She did actually write a lot of non-disturbing erotica at first, primarily as a means of surviving, and putting a tiny semblance of a roof over head, and getting at least some food into her stomach.

But then she gradually became disenchanted and resentful of this dynamic--this idea of her having to perform sexually for dinner, like a dog doing tricks for an all powerful master that held her survival in their hands--so that's when she began rebelling against the then erotica industry of Europe, by purposely including really vile and shocking scenes in her work.

She even refused to back down against the editors, and insisted her stories could only be published with those gross scenes included! (And so they were.)

All in all, she was actively/rebelliously trying to purposely kill the mood of her erotica readers. Which, if you ask me, is actually kind of impressive and funny!

But at the same time, those scenes contained a lot of not so funny commentary on the nature of humanity.

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