Things people like to feel weirdly superior about starter pack

To me honestly, a modern news site is very comparable to reddit, the difference being that only "moderators" post news but in essence you click on a news/thread, read it, then scroll down to the comments and it's all anonymous, you don't interact with your friends or share it with them instantly by commenting. I understand the social media aspect of all these sites, I just feel there needs to be a classification because facebook, instagram, twitter(mostly) feel way different to reddit. Maybe it's the anonymity that plays such a huge role in my perception, maybe it's the scale, facebook is for friends and family same with twitter and instagram while reddit is just for random discussion with anyone really/news. I've personally always told people that reddit is like an evolution of a forum, focusing on discussion while also being a news aggregator, not once did I feel the need to say it's a social media site since almost no one considers forums to be social media sites in the facebook sense. I'm old enough to remember time before facebook but I don't remember anyone calling any site social media, the term came with facebook it feels which is why people use facebook as a barometer of what a social media site is. Reddit is not similar to facebook to me.

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