Thinking of moving to SJ

It's nothing to do about being honesty or presenting the facts... you're just projecting your own disdain for the city and not even answering her question.

Buddy, I'm presenting hard facts and I can back it all up with official sources. I get that you're passionate about SJ, but you need to tone it down a few notches. You're being too hostile about your own overly optimistic opinion of SJ and I've already had to remove one of your comments for simply telling someone to "shut the fuck up" because yoiu didn't agree with them.

Here are sources for my alleged "projecting":

It's not trashing the city by talking about these issues. We don't solve anything by ignoring the problems and allowing the status quo to continue. No amount on Ontario cash influx will save the city if we allow Higgs and Irving to continue bleeding us dry.

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