Time fails to recognize Wikileaks for explaining why young women did not vote for Hillary, blames FBI.

the media is kuffing insane. they just can't admit what a $hit candidate $hillary was. the msm won't talk about the substance behind the tiresome disgust so many dems/progs felt for Clinton. Nor will the msm talk about how their own obvious bias turned people off to $hillary. Even a majority of dems think there was a clear media bias in favor of $hillary.

And Team Clinton shot themselves in the foot bigtime w/CTR and other online bullsht. Even though its pretty clear whose campaign did the most to poison online discourse, no one in the MSM is likely to cry foul. There's a steady, subtle odour of lust, betrayal and filth wafting around the Clintons, clinging to and tarnishing everyone they surround themselves with. The fog that emanates from them isn't composed of one single act or indiscretion. There's a miasma of individual, variously-sized droplets of decisions that were a little to greedy, a smidge to shady, to colored by an obviously calculated lust for power and a certain "my turn" selfish-ness. The MSM will point fingers everywhere but the "ick" factor.

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