true love. get you a man this dedicated woah.

seems pretty obvious, but i'll break it down from my perspective.

1) Has loser patrick as a contact, and she put that heart next to his name (probably)

2) To receive such a pitiful text, i'm sure she elicited it through her own past actions... leading him on (probably, again, indicator: heart next to name)

3) assuming she did elicit it, then i can only make further assumptions of why... usually there's only one umbrella reason. Seeking attention, confidence, praise, validation from anyone she can get it from. Probably bc the "respectable" people in her social zone aren't giving it to her, this is her dopamine.
From my personal high school experience (8 years ago), I doubt a single one of my "popular" female friends would have ever entertained this in the slightest. It would've been an instant block and avoid at all costs. Thus, from my personal experience, I assume this friend of op is also a "loser" bc of the way she handled it.

4) only losers get joy out of making fun of other losers, especially in this cruel manner (i mean, if this was shared on reddit, i bet friend and op sent this photo to people irl as well, maybe not).
By making fun of people, especially in this situation, you're probably trying to disassociate yourself from that victim. Kind of like the bully that tries to huff n puff this alpha male vibe, when they're really a little bitch on the inside.

But, we are in r/sadcringe so ... and this totally belongs here.

just my thoughts. could be wrong.

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