Truly amazing

You're not wrong.

Gold and silver should be the last priority. Main thing is weapons, dry goods, skills, and technology salvaged from the "technocult" - a term coined by a good friend of mine.

I kind of stumbled into the prepping thing. My original goal was to become a van dweller. I'm building the van next year, and I work from home so I'll be "off-grid". Then I'll work on getting land. Everything is a modular stepping stone to something better; it's a lifestyle.

The idea is that by the time things start collapsing, I'll be detached enough from the chaos that I'll barely notice a difference.

And it's coming! Think about it, western society is finished. Women are married to the government. Men are funding the welfare state (women are a net drain on tax contributions in the US) while both genders shun marriage. No marriage = no babies. Just like in Japan, with only 11% of the population willing to fight for their country. No family = no incentive to work / fight. Then we have mass importation of foreign cultures eroding the values of the host cultures, reducing wages and increasing housing costs (look at Vancouver which is virtually unaffordable. Same with Toronto) all to score liberal votes and keep cost of labour down for multinational corporations (globalist elites). Then there's automation, which will induce increasingly socialist policies in government. Then there's plastic and radiation in the food supply, crops and viruses becoming immune to pesticides / immunization. An entire electric network could be destroyed with one EMP / CME / nuclear bomb. All countries in the northern hemisphere rely on just-in-time logistics for food. We're essentially hanging by a thread, "calm as hindu cows"... satiated by mindless media distracting us from the big picture.

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