Trying my first troche…thoughts on relationship between trip potency and therapeutic benefit?

He said to keep taking the 200 mg. I hope he was not annoyed or didn’t think I was drug seeking. My experience was just so mild there was little to no therapeutic aspect to the experience itself (in fact, it’s hard to lie there for 90 minutes when I’d rather be watching something or reading a book). Maybe I didn’t make it clear how mild my experience was? (I’m fine with that- though obviously it’s not going to be a help in terms of trauma processing, so I couldn’t use that dose for drug-assisted therapy, for example- but I’m hoping I’ll still get the improvement of my depressive symptoms). I take 100 mg of lamotrigine, so I wonder if that’s the reason (though I skipped it the day before taking the troche). Anyway, I hope I didn’t do the wrong thing by reaching out!

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