Two Best Friends Play Yakuza 0 (Part 67)

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Yakuza 0 龍が如く0 OST - Twin Dragons +18 - On this episode of yakuza: pat ruined the coolest boss fight. Like seriously pat, SERIOUSLY HOW COULD YOU MISS SHIBUSAWA'S LINE ABOUT THE DRAGON TATTO Edit: and your SUPPOSED TO MATCH STYLES, even i was doing that on legendary cause it looks dope as...
『RSS』Yakuza 0 (Part FINAL) +10 - When liam was playing he actually paid attention. HE HEARD THE THE FUCKIN LINE
Yakuza 0 - Boss Battles: 17 - Keiji Shibusawa (LEGEND) +3 - There are a few videos like that. My go to is Devilleon7's Legend fight. My only gripes are him using Rush for a few seconds during phase 2 and Dragon during phase 3 (I'd personally pick Brawl for the red/blue contrast, but both work equally well) bu...

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