Urban Farmers In Seattle Want To Feed The Whole Neighborhood For Free And Teach Permaculture (xpost /r/gardening)

Usually it's the laziest person (let's call him Tom) who wants to take the most - no matter what you do, eventually a Tom will arrive and start exploiting the kindness.

The customary answer, and the only one that is likely to be genuinely effective, is to kill Tom. Not exile him, from where he can cause more problems, but kill him. The problem with any attempt to kill the psychopaths, however, is that the psychopaths inevitably gain control of it. The next step from there is the Khmer Rouge.

Personally, I have no real difficulty with advocating a program whereby, once it was discovered how to reliably diagnose neurological psychopaths, they would then be euthanised at or prior to birth. Again, however, the practical difficulty here is the fact that the psychopaths would inevitably end up in control of such a program themselves, and would turn it against the non-psychopathic majority.

This, incidentally, is why large scale loss of life has always accompanied the installation of any Communist regime, in case you're wondering. The people rise up against the psychopathic minority in power, and want to kill them; but in the end, the psychopaths regain authority over the people, and whatever revolutionary momentum exists, ends up being turned back against the non-psychopathic majority.

There is no answer. I believe that Venus and Mars both represent failed experiments, as far as humanity or a species like it is concerned. Both of those earlier planetary societies destroyed themselves environmentally, because they could not overcome the basic reality that psychopaths want to rule, and generally speaking non-psychopaths want to be ruled. The predatory dynamic exists in Nature at every level; it's everywhere you look, yet because humanity can not cease following it, despite our supposed sentience, we inevitably end up destroying ourselves.

Earth represents the third attempt, which at this point, I am inclined to believe will also be a failure. I took a PDC in 2011, and said PDC and the related experience, was one of the main reasons why at this point, I have virtually no faith in humanity as a species.

We deserve extinction, and we are going to get it.

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