Help Me Plan My Perfect Game (Tips from people who have multiple playthroughs under their belt, please!) [Spoilers!]

OK... I'll try to make it short (and fail). There's no 'perfect game', but when you want to get the most out of the games Paragon is the way to go. Each time you lose someone because you Renegated them out of the story (that is, you let them die or killed them yourself), they'll never come back and your personal links to the ME gang will disappear quickly. The 'replacements' are not as great characters and you don't care about them at all. The game ends up feeling a little empty.

On the other hand, playing Renegade is often fun because of the dialogue. For this, FemShep is best, because the voice actress really sells the 'heartless bitch' Shepard can become. And please, don't be that guy that thinks playing a woman is emasculating. That would sound like you think being born a woman is proof that God hates you or something, and I hope you don't. FemShep is a woman, not a girl. She's tough as nails, often more than MaleShep. Give her a try.

So, from the top:

Best Class - there is no such thing. Each class has its strengths and its weaknesses, but I think a huge mistake lot of people make is to stick to soldier and not venture in to the other classes. Biotics and tech powers will give you three times the fun than just shooting a gun will.

ME1 - Combat: Get a good team that fits each mission you're in - this works for every game, obviously.

If the mission has organic enemies, take a biotic and a tech. Tech will destroy shields, biotic will lift them up from cover and allow you to shoot them. You can be one of these two, btw. Wrex is always great because he's a good shot, he dies hard and he's also a biotic. Kaidan and Liara will do awesome together in every instance, since he's a tech AND a biotic, and Liara's biotics have short cool downs. Garrus dies a little too fast, but he's good if you keep him away from the heat of the battle. I'm sorry to say Ash dies even faster than Garrus if she's not given good armor. Tali is good for planet exploration and opening crates, but she's frail in combat if you don't keep her behind cover.

  • Credits, Weapons and Armor: For money, make sure you do Dr Michel's side mission (she's blackmailed and needs help). Once you help her she'll become a vendor, and you can sell her your stuff for twice the credits. More money means better weapons and armor. Buy your Specter equipment as soon as you can. Don't forget your mate's gear, since fighting alone in higher difficulties is pretty much impossible. Keep them well equipped and alive.

Romance: I can't understand how you didn't romance anyone if you've been playing Paragon. It's almost impossible not to have either Liara or Ash hit on you the second you open your mouth. Playing as FemShep and getting Kaidan to admit he has the hots for you is a little harder (though he lets it slip once or twice that he'd be more than happy to jump your bones).

Liara will almost immediately show interest in you, and if you keep giving her the answers on the top of the dialogue wheel, she's yours. I think Ash takes a little more time, but keep insisting. Top answers, keep them happy.

Main choices:

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