Video Taken by NYPD Killer Surfaces, Shows Him Being Shaken Down by K-9 Unit Last Year

Somebody posted this in response:

The narrative is well established. Police are allowed to lie to you. Police lead dogs to indicate and manufacture probable cause. Police do not track false positives. There's no uniform standard of training and operating these interdiction dogs. All of this adds up to countless of situations where it's just easier for police to bullshit the public and shake down whoever they feel like, instead of doing the job in an honest and straightforward manner. Obviously, these officers are targeting public transportation because you can scan a bunch of people who probably aren't the types to be able to afford an expensive attorneys. They can get these people into a justice system that's designed extract cash and fill up private prisons. This is nice, cushy, useless, job for mediocre losers to help the state make money and pretend to keep the public safe from nothing.

You'd have to be a total moron to wonder why the public has lost trust with law enforcement when they're allowed to continue with these deplorable practices. I mean, WTF, was this a bomb detection dog? I doubt it. There's no money to be made there! Just like there is hardly any money to be made over homicides. Those specialized departments are notoriously neglected by law enforcement for those very reasons. They prefer to focus everyone's attention on catching the next "kingpin" this or that drug slinging kid so they can their grubby hands on auction ready assets

This person in this video is a victim as well as a murdering criminal. But instead of dealing with these sociopaths with the best that healthcare can provide, and focusing on getting the most violently dangerous ones off our streets...our sick society continues with this security theatre because it's addicted to punishing people for consuming substances that have no business being illegal.

There's PLENTY of blame to go all around as to why those two cops are dead now and it starts right there in this video.

We have to stop this shit war on drugs.

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