WCI Arc: Re-watch & Re-read

Yeah I agree, This arc only featured Sanji’s back story.

Why he is so pure-hearted. This arc is meant to save him, maybe that is why his fighting capabilities wasn’t shown.

Only Luffy’s fighting development, Nami, Brook, Chopper.

And Jimbei! awesome resignation in front of Bigmam.

And I also don’t like what’s been happening with Wano arc.

He went to a trap, got beat up. Just when I thought the role of Zoro and Sanji will be reverse,

Like Sanji will be the one to fight King, And Zoro will be match up with Queen

Because Zoro, pretty much already beat up, just using some temporary medicine to be able yo fight.

Or a 2v2 fight will be awesome too.

But nothing…

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