Weekly Clan Recruitment Megathread

Looking for a clan:

Your system(s): PC

Your Gamertag: Hit me up on Discord: minq #2922

Your country/time zone: EU CEST

When do you usually play (include times and time zone): Afternoon/evening but also nights so US times are no problem for me (for the next 2 month atleast)

Tell us a bit about yourself (ex: experience in Destiny, how many characters, Light Levels, anything else): havnt played D1, played D2 when it came out till around the time the raid released . Got 1 of each class all around 355~ atm. Playing shooters and mmo's for ages so I believe I should be able to get the hang of the game mechanics pretty quickly

What are you looking for in a clan (for example: PvE, PvP, any special criteria):
keeping it short, want to do all content, I like sweaty pvp sessions but also I want to check out EPs(havn't been able to do them yet), Weekly stuff and Raids (have only raided once when it came out, so I need people who are fine with teaching me some stuff). So if you guys know what you are doing, like to clear the newest content regularly and want to teach someone knew to the franchise the ropes.

I won't play this as my main game, I'll log enough hours to have some pvp sessions, raids and weekly activities but don't expect me to be ingame everyday for 24h. Hit me up on discord for more information

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