Weekly Request Thread - January 25, 2015

Hello there mates! I am looking to have 2 Dittos changed, or through use of Pokegen created, having the following stats:

Ditto# 1: 31x5IVs, 0IV Speed, Non English Origin for use of the Masuda method, Relaxed Nature, 252 HP 252 Defense 4 Attack EVs/ 100 Level/ Nickname: BlubberBloop/ Love OR Master Ball/ Shiny If these additional requests are not too much of a hassle :)

Ditto# 2: 30x6IVs, Non English Origin for use of the Masuda method, Nickname: 30IV, rest doesn't matter

Ditto# 2 would be purely for Breeding for Hidden Powers.

For Ditto# 1, I want to emphasize i only need the IVs and non English origin if I cannot get one with Imposter, as without HA it's no use for battles, hence the extra stats and all matter not.

Ditto# 1, while being perfect for breeding 0 Speed IV Pokemon, would be a most effective Scarf revenge killer in battles, something I have yet to encounter and I believe would add some spice to battles :D The nature and EVs are to help prevail in a Struggle War against another Ditto, something I honestly never expect to encounter, but can't hurt to be prepared! That is if I can eventually get my hands on one with Imposter and possibly Non-English origins for the masuda method to also activate while breeding.

Alright, now I have a small variety of Pokes I can offer, I hope you can find maybe some of what I have interesting! I am willing to trade 4:1 per Ditto, 3:1 if involving an Event legendary, and 2:1 for just the Events!

The legendaries have mostly Bad IVs and natures, Mew and Manaphy being the most correct, so I'll just list them in case you for w/e reason might want one:

Mew Shiny Timid [6IV] (OT) TPC (ID) 10160
Manaphy Adamant [6IV] (OT) Erica (ID) 09544
Deoxys-Defence Quiet [3IV: SpAtk, SpDef, Speed] (OT) Raika (ID) 50900
Genesect Gentle [1IV] (OT) Plasma (ID) 10072
Non Event
Kyurem (OT) Kiara (ID) 37875
Uxie (OT) Asian Character (ID) 28163
Heatran (OT) Asian Character (ID) 04922
Heatran (OT) Asian Character (ID) 34503
Terrakion (OT) Asian Character (ID) 28425
Cobalion (OT) SuL (ID) 25302
Regirock (OT) Asian Character (ID) 15998
Giratina (OT) Asian Character (ID) 33850
Suicune (OT) Mistico (ID) 57654

If you would prefer some [5IV] competitive pokemon, I can offer at level 100, bred by me, so Not random/hacked/cloned pokemon:
Naughty Garchomp, Rough Skin w/ Outrage
Quiet Reuniclus, Magic Guard
Quiet Aegislash
Bold Rotom-W, no Pain Split
Bold Venusaur, Chlorophyl w/ Giga Drain
Calm Forretress, Sturdy w/ Stealth Rock
Adamant Azumarill, Huge Power w/ Belly Drum, Aqua Jet
Adamant Mawile, Intimidate
Modest Salamence, Intimidate w/ Hydro Pump & Dragon Pulse
Careful Sableye, Prankster w/ Trick, Recover
[6IV] Modest Gardevoir, Trace
[6IV] BoldLudicolo, Swift Swim w/ Fake Out
[4IV] Bold Chansey, Natural Cure w/ Seismic Toss, Heal Bell [4IV] Timid Smeargle, Moody. Moveset: Dark Void, Follow Me, Spiky Shield, Encore

These Pokemon all have the IV's necessarry for the respective role they would have in a team. Exceptions are:
Smeargle and Chansey, they do not normally utilise either of their attacking stats.
Garchomp, lacking the Special Defense IV as it is intended as a Garchompite holder.
Forretress, has Special Attack and not regular attack IV, used to set hazards and Volt Switch.
Salamence, SpAtk and not Atk, Modest nature should give that away :)
Aegislash and Reuniclus, both have 0IV in Speed.

In my possession are also a lucky Togekiss I got off GTS, as well as a [6x31IV Ditto], JPN regional and not one of those you can get on the Ditto subreddit: Bold Togekiss [5IV: All but AD] Serene Grace

I also have, at Lv1, Larvitars with 4 Egg Moves: Stealth Rock, Pursuit, Dragon Dance, Ancient Power, Gligars with Poison Heal, Lotads with Teeter Dance, Gibles with Outrage, and some [4IV] Bred Rotoms.

Alright that was a big write-up. I will check back and reply back to you as often as I can!

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