OPP officer guilty of sexual assault on unconscious woman and recording it to 'teach her a lesson'

If you read the article, you would find that the title alone gives off the wrong impression. Without reading it, one is prone to assume that the officer was on duty, patrolling the streets, when he took advantage of a random unconscious woman, he stumbled across, by raping her and recording it to teach her some sort of fucked up lesson on vulnerability. I would definitely agree with comments saying that this would, without a doubt, make this guy an absolute evil piece of shit. However, as much as i’d like to jump on that bandwagon, that isn’t quite what had happened. The situation itself involved the officer and a woman who appeared, at the time, to be involved with him romantically, and took place after the two of them have been drinking and doing rails of cocaine. The incident the article mentions occurs when the woman becomes unconscious, and the guy pursues to have sex with her while he records. When she wakes up, the officer allegedly shows her the video, and apparently apart from slight embarrassment, things are seemingly fine and carry on as normal. Eventually word of the video got out caught attention and concern, which then brought on the charges of assault. I’m by no way saying what this guy did was right. NEVER is it okay to touch anybody else without their consent, even if in a relationship, etc. But I do believe that people should maybe read the article (which I know is a long shot) and get a better grasp of the situation before screaming bloody murder. If you read it and still feel that the response is appropriate, then by all means scream your heart out.

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