From Self-Harm to Terrorism: Unveiling the Potential Misuse of ChatGPT for Enabling Harmful Conversations and Illicit Actions

Why limit a program that simply conglomerates information that is freely available in our world?

Any educated and/or clever person could have the same conversation with themselves to figure out the answers in the examples on the link you gave.

No new data is created. It is just a conglomeration. Limitations and moderation on ideas that a singular person may have, with or without assistance from relatively simple research or thought is destructive to the idea of progress.

Enforce laws. Reward progressive behavior.

Don't limit what we can do with the tools at our disposal just as an umbrella policy to mitigate what the VERY small percentage of our population may use to bolster their uneducated and ignorant ideas.

This kind of thinking serves to limit the power of the people and keep the masses controlled. I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but look to organized religion as a beaming example of how it has been done in the past.

All in the name of morality.

The people calling for censorship, limitation, and moderation are calling for the same thing as the religious leaders of the darkest times in Western history.

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