Clint Eastwood says his film 'American Sniper' Makes ‘Biggest Antiwar Statement’ of All

I'll never understand why every movie that comes out about special forces is instantly considered pro-war propaganda...even when its a true story based on someones real life and events...if i go over there and am a badass and get 300 kills and am parachuting out of planes and sniping and taking down the leaders of terrorist organizations, is my life pro-war propaganda? What about when i write it in a book? What about when that book is made into a movie? Is just showing war propaganda in a movie? Is showing it to be anything other than horrible and wrong and bad propaganda? The movie didnt seem pro war or anti war IMO...what i got from it is a guy who didnt have much purpose in life wanted a purpose, and is very Texan/Christian and believes all the "America greatest country on earth, blessed by God, manifest destiny" stuff and had the strength to become a SEAL, had the talent to become a Sniper, had the skills to be really really good at it, and then experienced PTSD, and disassociation with his real home life, and then was murdered. I dont fully get the "this guys not a hero! Why? Cause he invaded a country and is killing their people over oil and money and politics?"...well first off what war isnt about money and politics and natural resources or land? I believe you can separate the war/politics from the soldiers. Now you cant argue "they are just following orders" but you can want to join the Marines and serve your country while at the same time disagreeing with why the war started and a bunch of other stuff about it cant you? You are there trying to kill horrible people (killing kids, using suicide bombers, butchering villagers for talking to troops, their acts and views on women, etc) and trying to protect the guy to the left and right of you.

I dont get how showing that is propaganda. Overall the movie made me feel a little uncomfortable with his "savages!" and "i do it cause God ...blah blah blah" etc. (Though i would argue, if members of Al-Qaeda/Taliban dont fit the definition of savages "a member of a people regarded as primitive and uncivilized."...who do?). But i feel like i learned a bit, just like i did with Lone Survivor and a few others.

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