Well, there goes that. [NBC Shirt Creators groups and such]

I feel like shirt makers would get more sales if the prices weren't stuck at 10 R$ or 100 TIX. If someone sold shirts at 1 R$ and 10 TIX, while the rest kept the price-floor, they (ROBLOX shirts) would get more sales. More sales means more exposure, even if its less money. But that less money goes away when the exposure part kicks in. Observe:

1"Hey, where'd you get that shirt? Looks cool!"

2"Found it by this chick named [ROBLOX], and got it cheap for 10 TIX!"

1 "Cool, I'll buy it!"

And then, 1 looks in [ROBLOX]'s inventory. Finds that shirt and buys it. Might notice some other cooler shirts for the same low price, buy some more. Wear his or her cool [ROBLOX] shirts to his or her favorite games. People notice the shirts. Make the same remarks. Get the same answers. Goes to [ROBLOX]'s inventory. Buys that cool shirt in particular and notices other cool shirts for the same low price, and buys those cool shirts. This is no guarantee, but because it can happen, it must be considered.

I hope you notice where I’m going with this. People are paying for, and advertising, your shirts whenever they purchase, and then wear them. The higher price gets you the bigger bucks right from the start, but unless you advertise them yourself (which means you pay, instead of them purchasing) you won't get as much exposure. A larger exposure means a larger profit. Its the same technique the AdSense people at Google, and marketers, use.

Infact, shirt makers already use (or try to) use this sort of exposure and low price deal. Most of the clothes out there isn’t sold any higher than the price-floor’s minimum. I have no statistics on me, but look for yourself. You might come to notice that the lower priced clothing has a lot more sales. How do you think they got all those sales?

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ I ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ don't ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ sell ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ shirts. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Don't ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ hurt ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ me

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