What are some ways you want to see Obesity tackled in Canada?

The city is what it is, and it previously worked fine. These little edits all over the place are causing lots of trouble for "newcomers" to the city, but for the people who moved here and decided to fit in, it's creating a nightmare. Ottawa and Barton, introduced left turns going southbound on Ottawa. Backed up at least 12 hours a day, makes crossing the street an attempt at suicide. Removed lane at the Delta near Gage Park - people now fight for the lane and don't pay attention to the pedestrian traffic. I got to see them photograph a scalp on a bumper within days of introducing that.

The busses were a bit in the way before the lane, but now they're a very large and very real problem, and the lanes are about to be removed. I avoided the bus situation by taking Cannon, but I know that they are necessary.

I am the rifraf. The city was made to be worked in (north end), lived in (east end), offices in (downtown), suburbed (mountain) and rich peopled (Westdale). Ancaster was an afterthought compared to traffic routes. The mountain has a great effect on pedestrian traffic as not many want to climb it, so that ends up with access lanes all over which are dangerous to walk.

The one way streets move traffic, they have sidewalks. Sidewalks move people. Not to be an asshole, but every person I've seen hit on Main street (I've seen more than 10) has been crossing without lights. This was mostly near Main and Sherman.

If these people would like to live in Toronto, they should have stayed there. I wasn't born here, but I didn't get here and attempt to recreate the mess I left in Toronto. Cannon and James is a nice place now, it was before too, but now it's got more hipster stuff for hipsters. The problem is that they think everyone wants to be them. We had an art community before James street. We had cyclists, dive bars, a good music scene and everything else, but it wasn't done in a "look at me!" manner. This is ruining things from my perspective but I guess it's progress. As long as it isn't regression like creating traffic or throwing out poor people, I'm fine with change.

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