What are your core rules for your subreddits?

Never call out another mod for unethical behavior. Especially after they use sockpuppet accounts to troll other mods.

Because in reality, if you are trying to fight an unethical mod, they will use all kinds of unethical shit to disparage you. So yeah, if you encounter an unethical mod who uses sock puppet accounts and then ask the admins for help... expect them to say

"We can only talk about user accounts to the account holder"... when you have complete evidence that they were doing it.

So yeah, basically I am a professional pen-tester and had been tracking a mod who I knew to be deeply involved with the meta-sphere and was attacking another mod for 9+ months. We basically told him to shut the fuck up, in house but I was aware that it extended beyond this.

So when I finally got sick of his bullshit, and called him on it... (he had used an alt account which was a year old and had all history wiped up until the the trolling incident with the mod in question to start attacking this mod again.)

He proceeded to troll modmail and when I got fucking mad because I knew it was him ( and this was a certainty not speculation ) and started talking shit... he suddenly tried to make the account seem like it was from an underage girl.

A couple of days later, he posted some fucking bizarre and probably speed fueled rant under the same account and "was going to put an end to it by going to the admins".

Now keep in mind that I've been watching him do this and am doing a major "WTF" the whole time. I am not "just another Reddit idiot" I fucking track criminals for pay... so I'll say that watching the whole thing unfold from my perspective was like a clinic in severe sociopathic disorder.

Anyway, the admins are going through the shitstorm and ( likely could tell from his IP history that this was a fucking trolling expedition)... but they gave the "not our problem" response.

This ate away at me for days. I watched this fucking piece of shit emotionally manipulate all of our mods and can't really explain my evidence from a technocal standpoint without potentially being in violation of the law. And yes it's a gray area where I wouldn't be afraid of jail time but wouldn't want to open myself up to whatever psychotic bullshit this sociopath is going to pull.

Long story short... I kept getting drunk because I couldn't fucking stand the situation that made me want to puke just to be around it... and ended up pissing him off enough to demod me.

I've consulted lawyers about the issue and they seem to think that what I did as far as tracking goes... is gray area, but the evidence is enough to possibly press a civil suit.

Personally, I think that billyup is just a symptom of a much larger problem. It's a problem that the admins will only address when it suits them.

So take from that what you will... the only thing that makes me sad is that my fellow mods were too afraid to take it seriously when I told them what was happening weeks earlier.

Thus is life.

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