What Are Your Moves Tomorrow, July 20, 2020

Alright fuck it - I was responding to posts ...but let me set the record straight.

Viruses have mechanisms that inhibit your bodies ability to have the “best” immune response. The vaccines being made are not live vaccines. Not only do they have ONLY the part we want to target, but they LACK the parts that inhibit some of the immune response. We can also dose adjust to give even STRONGER responses.

The end result is that we can end up having a stronger immune response than you would have ever gotten from a natural infection alone.

Scott Gottlieb has addressed this point you bring up. Just because people have “waning” immunity, it doesn’t mean that those antibodies go to zero...your memory cells are sitting waiting for you to get infected and it’ll ramp things up much faster the 2nd time around.

TLDR: Vaccines, when well-designed (and yes all of the current ones aren’t awful that I’ve seen), give you better immunity than naturally getting sick. In other words, stop fucking talking about immunity waning

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