What bag do you use on the course?

Didn't want to watch an 18 min bag video, no idea what's in it.

I have 4 bags, one of which I gave to my son and will soon be replacing (DGA 'elite shield' bag, which I do not recommend). The other 3 have different purposes. My oldest bag is a canvas olive green gas mask bag from the army surplus with a nice shoulder strap from a donor messenger bag. It holds up to 10 discs, but I normally only keep about 4-5 discs in it to play a short par 3 course that's close to my work. I keep this in my Motorcycle, where space is tight. Great bag, goes to show that you don't have to have a DG specific bag to do the job. Second bag is a Lat64 'pro' bag with the lat quad straps. This bag was nice for about a year of hard use then it started to wear out. Seams on the straps are frayed in several high use areas and one of the zippers on the bag has blown out. I like the size and the 'cooler' in the front, I keep this one full of my glow discs and accy's for playing at night (LED's, flashlights etc...). Lastly is my tourney/all day play bag, it's a prodiscus 30+ bag that can carry everything you need for a day on the course on your back. It has dedicated spots/straps for an umbrella and a stool, can pack an XXL Hoody in one side and a rain jacket in the other side and still carry 30 discs. Only downside is that it of course weighs a metric fuck ton and will wear you out when you're carrying all this stuff around a 9,000'+ course.

Backpacks are nice if you play a lot of all day courses with no water/food on site or play tournaments and need someplace to store all the accy's needed for a full day on the course. If you don't have that need, don't get a backpack, save your money and get a 'cube style' bag like innova makes. The ones with the built in stools are pretty dang nice for the money. If you're only going to play with 7-10 discs casually at a park and only be out for less than 4 hours, I highly recommend using a bag you already have or picking something up that you can use for other purposes OTHER than DG. You don't necessarily need or may want a DG SPECIFIC bag in that case. Hope that helps...

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