Friendly reminder: It’s just a game

Yes, you've been talking about the conversation instead of having it. Meta, but not on-topic.

You're using "gaslighting" as a catch-all for that which you cannot defend. You're using it to try to explain away why you're unable to proceed with the conversation. If you're not off-topic, explain your last comment. It has nothing to do with the topic of disc golf being a sport

My position and this matter is settled and has been. The definitions have been presented and they've been explained. Disc golf is a sport based on the many definitions I've given. If you want to disagree with the definitions you can take that up with their various publishers, but you can't continue to pretend that the definitions I've presented say that disc golf isn't a sport. Again...your disagreement is with the dictionary and with your preconceived ideas of what a sport is.

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