What challenges are you facing? Maybe someone can relate, has insight and can help

I just... Idk man. I'm kinda poor, not dirt poor but poor. Like... I can't say that we are suffering, but we aren't exactly well off either. Me? I want to earn. For this reason I took an internship of 2months which started on 14th May... Now few days ago icai announced ca exams starting from 5th July, the prep and exam itself would be clash with the internship and that would be a problem. Now, there's no guarantee that I'd clear it this time(and pls this is not some... Low confident bs, I'm just stating what would more likely happen).

Also, I want to earn more, my current internship brings me only 4k/pm which, given my average bank balance is good, but... To get what I want... It's insultingly low, even as a starting point. I constantly feel like I have so much to do... It's wow. All the time that one line from Hamilton keeps playing in my head "There are a million things I haven't done"

So yeah mostly money, baaki it's not like my life is awesome, I am a loner, trying to socialize a lil bit recently. But yeah, mostly money. How about you?

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