What improvements are there over ANB?

Depends on what you mean. I can list some differences between the two games.

  • Tutorial only lasts 1 week.
  • Farming, Treats both incredibly streamlined.
  • Trade mode more limited, can't ask other people to play the game for you.
  • Totally new cast of characters, minus the special spouses, Kamil and Licorice from ToTT (Cam and Reina, reverted to their Japanese names by XSEED)
  • Translation is bound to be incredible. No "bon fire" or breaking the HTML by giving the Goddess a birthday gift. Think Rune Factory 4 quality.
  • Two difficulty modes, Seedling Mode decrease a lot of things by 30%, making everything less of a hassle.
  • Not as much hoarding needed. Saving building materials and seedstock is smart, but you're encouraged to ship things to beat the story.
  • Character customization is a little better, farm customization is a little worse, but the town... you can only customize decoration. The town has a preset layout, and starts with most of the characters there from day 1. No more dying because Iroha is the only girl in town to court.
  • Makers work differently. 2-3 stage processes that work a bit like the Windmills from Grand Bazaar.
  • To unlock ALL the animals, there is a 4 game year investment, but there are a lot of new animals as well, so this one, while a "con", probably evens out.
  • Three types of Wedding. Cheap, Middle, Expensive. Plus you can go Eastern or Western style. Choosing the more expensive styles will make pregnancy event happen faster.
  • You will always have twins, a boy and a girl. They will take characteristics from your spouse. No "grow up candy", they will grow up naturally, but I think this stops around Child stage.

Can't think of anything else off the top of my head, but read Cher's guide: http://fogu.com/sos1/ and watch Japanese Let's Plays, like LinandKo, if you're curious to learn more.

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