What I Know Now As a Teen With Dyslexia

"You will probably walk the wrong way more than once, but eventually a nice woman walking her dog (or a very special teacher) will show you the way to go, and you will work tirelessly to find the metaphorical cute boy's apartment (and become CEO of a Fortune 500 company)."

Lets hope thats true for all, because it doesn't always seem to result that way.

I read youre story with much interrest. Little can i judge though, i'm not going to say that i understand so much how you feel, though i understand some points.

Myself i have adhd, i was never behind in learning rather well ahead but ever so tottaly disinterrested because of it. However one lead to another and while i had very good grade's at a young age i was rather abused in the sense that i got loads of punischment even physical. I had a high propensity to being devious as a result and fighting back in creative ways.

One huge problem is that as kids we often don't understand the errors people make upon us, no'r do we understand what an appropiate or constructive reaction must be in that regard. My rebelliousness was a gradual one from being unable to complete tasks that didn't interrest me because i knew it already. The educational system is often about repetition but i didn't need it, experienced it as a punischment, could not concentrate on that mess because my mind was busy learning its own new things. So teachers would punisch me for failing to complete tasks and i woudl rebel as a result spiraling ever into more creative shennanigans, and the thing was that in every step of that i found myself outwitting my teachers constantly and being well ahead of young people in my school. I sat in 10 schools were i was expelled. I had great scores but i had to redo years because i rediculous scoring in regards of "attitude" as schools would often put a large % of end score's on Attitude and give me 0 on that. I made records in terms of getting detentions and not going to them anyway as a result. I actually understood what all that nonsense was about. Teachers stopped physicly hurting me when i fought back and hurt them more than they hurt me. I never got my degree from basic education trough school, i was a dropout with a 150IQ just to do all the schoolyears i missed in less than a year trough "adult education".

Absolutly legendaricly rediculous.

To me, while i understand that my ADHD is not always a positive, i am still smart enough to see that the world is really very hypocrit. There is plenty of wrong with this world, and i perceive plenty of people being absolutly stupid in not seeing it. And it's not so difficult to understand, i have an intelligence that puts me somewhere in the top 98% but i'm hardly rich and i'm 33. i see plenty of people who have far less merrit than me rise above me. There is so much greed and angst for self being in this world that society can really be about people constantly stabbing eachother in the back. it's a dog eat dog world out there, and even if youre much smarter it doesn't mean they won't bite you, au contraire, often as you will start to show excelence and succeed into getting in higher positions people will hate you for it and try to use mean ways to push you down if they can find weakness.

But i'm humane too, i want a better world, but for me as a person with adhd that means that often i need to strike back harder than the norm would accept. But i have to say that often i have taken the fruits of that, when i feel i need to be devious i can and will stop those who would discriminate with the force that it would require to get them to stop as long as its within humane boundaries. i fall back to my competitive nature which often people fear, in an assertive way it does often do me a lot of good.

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