Frontier Justice in a nutshell

Last post I’m gonna make on this thread, I don’t wanna flood it with diamondback talk.

I think you’re underestimating how good guaranteed crits are on a revolver. You have the potential to do 102 damage from any range with this weapon on any part of the body and it has no cooldown for crits if you store them. Only a 15% penalty in damage is such a small downside when you are able to then freely challenge other players. You can whiff and live as well if you play your cards right. Getting backstabs in pubs is extremely easy. You don’t need an engineer in pubs to be able to farm crits. It’s very likely that players are gonna focus on other things especially newer players, and the spies can just farm them and proceed to effortlessly kill anyone they want, assuming they farm or they play their cards right.

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