Election Day in Turkey | Seçim Günü [Megathread 24-6-18]

Wow, someone is all worked up for nothing. Chill, dude. No one is telling you to "turn a short self post into an anti-government rally." I didn't claim mainstream implies neutrality. You clearly marked the fanatics but failed to inform people (that post is for people who don't already know anyway) that those "mainstream" media are in fact pro-government too to a lesser degree.

The issue here is not that you declared them as neutral sources, it is the choice of word and the lack of a short note might lead people to believe that it's alright to get their news from them. Do you think those mainstream media will get their numbers from millet haber ajansi or AA? As long as they publish the AA's numbers there won't be much difference between fanatics and them for today's elections. Which is the subject matter.

Word of advice: don't get your panties in a bunch when someone makes a friendly suggestion and try to put words into their mouth. Your last paragraph reeks of early 2000s' silly forum admin hubris.

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