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I want to express my gratitude towards anyone who made a recommendation. You've made me very happy.

Below you can find a list of movies recommended at this point in time. Not all fit the time span I was asking for, and not all are made in China/Hong Kong, but I don't mind.
There may be some errors in the details. Don't be angry.

The most recommended ones, at the time of compiling the list were:

Black Coal, Thin Ice (4 recommendations)

Let the Bullets Fly (4 recommendations)

An Elephant sitting still (3 recommendations)

Long Days Journey into the Night (3 recommendations)

A Touch of Sin (3 recommendations)

Ash is Purest White 2018 Jia Zhangke
Dying to Survive 2018 Wen Muye
Ip Man 2010 Yuen Woo-ping, Wilson Yip
Little Red Flower, A 2020 Han Yan
Lust Caution 2007 Ang Lee
Wrath of Silence 2017 Yukun Xin
Youth 2017 Feng Xiaogang
Elephant sitting still, An 2018 Hu Bo
Long Days Journey into the Night 2018 Bi Gan
Touch of Sin, A 2013 Jia Zhangke
Black Coal, Thin Ice 2014 Diao Yinan
Let the Bullets Fly 2010 Jiang Wen
Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress 2002 Dai Sijie
Better Days 2019 Derek Tsang
Coffin in the Mountain, The 2014 Xin Yukun
Cry Me a Sad River 2018 Luo Luo
Detective Chinatown 2015 Chen Sicheng
Detective Chinatown 2 2018 Chen Sicheng
Detective Chinatown 3 2021 Chen Sicheng
Eight Hundred, The 2020 Guan Hu
Election 2005 Johnnie To
Election 2 2006 Johnnie To
Ex-File 3: The Return of The Exes 2017 Tian Yusheng
Ex-Files 2014 Tian Yusheng
Ex-Files 2: The Backup Strikes Back 2015 Tian Yusheng
Grandmaster, The 2013 Kar-Wai Wong
Hello Mr. Billionaire 2018 Damo Peng, Fei Yan
Incantation 2022 Kevin Ho
Kaili Blues 2015 Bi Gan
Love Me If You Dare 2015 Zhang Kaizhou
Moneyboys 2021 C.B.Yi
Mr. Donkey 2016 Liu Lu
Please Vote For Me 2007 Weijun Chen
Red Cliff 2008 John Woo
Return to Dust 2022 Li Ruijun
Suburban Birds 2018 Qiu Sheng
Super Me 2021 Zhang Chong
Thirteen Princess Trees 2006 Lü Yue
Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon 2008 Daniel Lee
Waste Land, The 2021 Meng Wang
Wild Goose Lake, The 2019 Diao Yinan

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