Dynamic Scheduling Based on Rotation and Start Day

Hello!! I don't want you thinking I completely forgot about you with this. It's just been a very busy period at work and I've been fairly exhausted by the time I get home, so did not have a lot of brain power to get this going.

I just finished working out the master yearly calendar and just have to do the final breakdown so when you change months, it updates correctly. This part in itself is (should be) a straight forward design.

The hard part was getting a decent easy to manipulate formula from the start date (Jan 01). It will need modifying (very minor) each year, but really, once you actually understand the mods needed, it flows very quickly.

I will update with a link to the workbook for download. It will be in binary (xlsb) format so Google Sheets doesn't break it trying to open it and you can safely download it. There is NO VBA in this. All straight formulas.

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