How do I set a character max and format?

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Acronym (A1), Number (B1), combined data (C1), Formatted data (D1)

Solution used: A1 "ITEM" B1 "#" C1 =CONCAT(A3," ",C3) D1 =IF(LEN(C1)=12,C1,REPLACE(C1,5,0,REPT(" ",12-LEN(C1)))))

Looks like this: A1 "ITEM", B1 "257", C1 "ITEM 257", D1 "ITEM 257"

Resulting data copied and then values only pasted into import document. This has already saved hundreds of working hours. I now have a whole doc dedicated to converting the data with human work only required for two fields out of 4 rather than 4 of 4. Unless somebody knows a way to have the text to column tool check and updated the data. Thank you all for the help!

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