What’s the purpose of learning?

Idk but I think you’re taking shitty courses that you’re not really interested in. I’m a mathematics major, but I took Chinese history last spring. Honestly one of the greatest classes I’ve ever taken. Will I use it in my career? No, maybe not directly. I suppose I have a better idea of how the world works, and how societies function, but it certainly didn’t improve my mathematical or computer abilities. But I was able to learn more about the world, I was able to read 1000 year old Chinese epic poems and discuss the themes with a very knowledgeable professor. That’s awesome to me! I feel my mind expanded a bit after taking that class. Meanwhile you’re taking psychology probably for that easy 4.0. You can enjoy it all you want, but I’m gonna take classes I’m fucking interested in, I’ll take classes about topics I want to fucking learn, and I couldn’t care less about my GPA.

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