What situations will never warrant forgiveness no matter how much remorse is shown?

I will never forgive my family. I was just an innocent child, and they tortured me in the most horrible ways possible. I grew up with several mental issues that I took deep into twenties.

I pretend to be their friend and to have coped with it, but the truth is that I'm just waiting for them to mess something up. When they have no way out, that's when I'm attacking.

One of them is already paying. My grandfather died and left an inheritance: an appartment where one of my aunts lives. I have been fighting with all my strength so we judicially sell that appartment. She has been desperate. Seeing her cry gives me strength.

I want all my family to relax, sit, and wait. Their turn will come, one by one. Nobody is free from problems. Vengence is mine; I shall repay.

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