What do YOU think were the best 2018 festivals that included nectar?

I arrived late and had a really difficult time that evening in the way back. People were talking amongst themselves during that amazing nectar set not even paying attention to the set, somebody started seizing bad.. I thought "what have I gotten myself into, why am I here, I don't belong, this was a mistake"

Little did I know that the next 3 days would be some of the best days of my life

I went solo and after that first night I figured out that I just needed to politely move toward front and center until I found a spot with space, and you're exactly right there was lots of space I guess because it was so hard for people to get to the inside

It took weeks until the dirt had finally washed out of my feet from many hours of dancing on that beach the rest of the weekend but I was low key sad when it was gone. That place was very special..

Lol while writing this my phone when to the next song which just happens to be the OMF18 full moon set

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