What, in your opinion, is the worst thing that happened in this game?

Edelgard is no hero. She is an anti villain at best.

The girl started a whole ass war, conquering the two other nations who she had no business sticking her nose in, and killed their leaders. I get that you want to get rid of the corrupt church, but why don’t do it at only Adrestia? The war destroyed so many lives, families and cities, while she and her friends sit comfortably at the top.

And guess what? She legit acts SURPRISED when seeing people who oppose her ways. When killing Dimitri in CF, the noble king who fought for his country and whose friends were killed by her army, Edelgard basically says “how dare you oppose my ways? I’m the saviour of the world, so hang over your country to me and shut up”. She basically calls Dimitri stupid for resisting, and l think honestly believes that Dimitri should just roll over the red carpet for her to come and take Faerghus for “the name of peace”.

Like no, he and Claude owe you shit, my girl. You don’t automatically know better, and frankly, when she called Dimitri in CF delusional (and may l remind you that this is the most sane Dimitri in all routes with no Byleth involved) l wanted to tell her to look in the mirror.

It’s like Putin firing at my country, forcing me and my family to run, and then getting pissy that people dare to oppose his conquest and bombing of Ukraine.

Edelgard is not getting shamed for wanting to bring peace and change the world. She is getting rightfully criticised for starting a war, invading other countries, taking help from the evil bad guys, ruining other civilians life, and killing the leaders of the opposing countries, who were just victims to the circumstances. All while preaching about sacrifice, and the “world bad, church bad (YES I KNOW, SHE WAS RIGHT HERE), my ways good”.

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