What's the weirdest thing you and your friends have done for fun?

Back in elementary school, my friends and I used to get involved in snow fort wars. However, these were not ordinary snow fort wars. As soon as the snow started to fall, everyone would claim a part of the playground as their territory during recess. We treated the snow forts like military bases and our group leaders like commanders. We would literally send kids of a lower grade to other forts like spies and pay them in snacks for whatever information they could provide us. Whenever we got into snowball fights, we treated it like life-or-death. We had to destroy the other snow forts so that we could make our own stronger. We literally got into fights over some of us acting as double-agents or of not taking our snow army seriously enough. Friendships were broken over not spending your recess on active duty. Thankfully, we would always chill out when spring came around.

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