What was the most embarrassing mistake you've ever made?

One morning I had the guts to ask someone out who I thought was pretty nice and all. It was early in the morning so I wasn't expecting an immediate response and I turned off my phone so I could finish my homework. After about 20 minutes I walked to school and went to my first class after seeing she hadnt seen the message yet and sat down. A few more people walked in and my friend stopped and loudly asked "Really?? You asked HER??" I was understandable confused so I went to the bathroom to check my phone and she replied with a "sorry no I'd rather be friends" and I was like "oh cool no big deal then," and went back to class. After 1st hour I was stopped by 8 people only 10 seconds after leaving the room and they all said "man I'm so sorry, I heard what happened." And "Dude, she told EVERYONE." Turns out she gave everybody else a different response and just sorta mocked me for it, I had people questioning me for the rest of the week.

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